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Hallelujah Diet Total Eye Health 哈利草原 護眼素 (30 Capsules)
Hallelujah Diet Total Eye Health 哈利草原 護眼素 (30 Capsules)
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Hallelujah Diet Total Eye Health 哈利草原 護眼素 (30 Capsules)

Hallelujah Diet

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每次份量:1 粒

Vitamin A 維他命A 20,000 IU
Marigold extract 萬壽菊 100mg
Blackcurrant extract Currantex™ 黑加侖子箤取 100mg
Astaxanthin 蝦青素  5mg


  • 每天一粒
  • 餐後進食更易吸收 (脂溶性維他命)

HDiet Total Eye Health 護眼素 中的類胡蘿蔔素的生物吸收度,比綠葉蔬菜等食品中的相同類胡蘿蔔素高約 10 倍。


Total Eye Health 之獨有強項包括:

  1. 我們的葉黃素lutein和玉米黃質混合物zeaxanthin還含有大量內消旋玉米黃質 (MZ meso-zeaxanthin)

這很重要,因為在眼睛中,一些葉黃素可以轉化為內消旋玉米黃質,並且通常認為您只需要提供葉黃素lutein即可使內消旋玉米黃質在眼睛中積累。 然而,研究表明,如果您在補充劑中提供 MZ,則會增加黃斑正中心的 MZ。 通過提供內消旋玉米黃質,我們的配方將為您帶來更好的視力結果。

  1. 這種眼睛補充劑配方還含有蝦青素astaxanthin,大量研究表明蝦青素astaxanthin可以緩解眼睛疲勞和相關症狀。

蝦青素是一種比其他黃斑色素更強的自由基猝滅劑 (抗氧化劑),因此與不含蝦青素的眼部配方相比,我們的配方可以為您提供更好的保護。 此外,蝦青素還具有其他有益的副作用,可以對抗過度勞累引起的急性炎症、提高體力,以及增強整個身體(包括大腦)的抗氧化保護。

  1. 我們的配方含有α-胡蘿蔔素和β-胡蘿蔔素的天然混合物。

大多數含有 β-胡蘿蔔素的補充劑僅含有 β-胡蘿蔔素。 但胡蘿蔔、南瓜、南瓜和紅薯也含有α-胡蘿蔔素。 該補充劑中的胡蘿蔔素是真正天然的,含有原始食物來源中發現的所有類胡蘿蔔素。

  1. HD 補充劑含有來自新西蘭的黑加侖提取物,其抗氧化劑濃度高於歐洲黑加侖或越橘。在一項對照研究中,它們已被證明可以有效改善夜視能力。
  1. 我們的眼睛保健補充劑採用獨特的 U 形瓶蓋包裝。

這些膠囊是充油的植物膠囊,已用氮氣吹掃。 其結果是補充劑中的類胡蘿蔔素具有更好的生物吸收度和更好的保質期穩定性,因此類胡蘿蔔素在您獲得之前不會被破壞,而且它們是植物性的,因此不會有來自可疑來源的明膠。

The carotenoids in the Total Eye Health supplement are much more bioavailable, about 10-fold higher, than the same carotenoids in foods such as leafy green vegetables.

Within one month, differences can be detected by clinicians. Multiple studies of dietary supplements have shown that the amount of macula pigment increases when lutein and zeaxanthin are consumed. While there are many eye health supplements on the market, none is quite like Total Eye Health for five reasons:

  1. Our blend of lutein and zeaxanthin also includes substantial meso-zeaxanthin (MZ).  This is important because, in the eye, some lutein can be converted to meso-zeaxanthin, and it is commonly thought that you only need to provide lutein to get meso-zeaxanthin to accumulate in the eye.  However, studies have shown that if you supply MZ in a supplement, you will increase MZ in the very center of the macula. By supplying meso-zeaxanthin, our formula will give you better results for your vision.

  2. This eye supplement formula also includes astaxanthin, which has been shown in numerous studies to relieve eye strain and related symptoms.  Astaxanthin is an even stronger free-radical quencher than the other macular pigments, so you are getting much better protection in our formula compared to those eye formulas without astaxanthin.  Plus, you get other beneficial side effects of astaxanthin for countering acute bouts of inflammation from over-exertion, improved physical stamina, and stronger antioxidant protection throughout the body, including the brain.

  3. Our formula contains a natural blend of alpha-carotene and beta-carotene.  Most supplements with beta-carotene only have a beta-carotene in them.  But carrots, squash, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes also include alpha-carotene. The carotene in this supplement is truly natural, containing all the carotenoids found in the original food source.

  4. The HD supplement contains a black currant extract from New Zealand, containing a higher concentration of antioxidants than European black currants or bilberries. They have been shown to be effective for improving night vision in a controlled study.

  5. Our eye health supplement is packaged in unique U-caps.  These capsules are oil-filled veggie capsules that have been purged with nitrogen.  The result is better bioavailability for the carotenoids in the supplement and better shelf stability, so that the carotenoids are not damaged before you get them, and they are plant-based—so no gelatin from questionable sources.